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Oyster Japan Sashimi Grade 6NOS/SET

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Product Name: Oyster Japan Sashimi Grade 日本生吃等级生蚝
Packaging Size: 6NOS/SET
Country Of Origin: Japan

Halal: NO


Enjoy it raw on it's own or with a gentle squeeze of lemon and tabascco sauce for additional flavour.

Thawing Instruction:

1. Defrost under running water 10-15 mins, please do not keep in chiller to defrost.

Health Benefit:
1. Lowers the LDL cholesterol levels
2. Help in weight loss
3. Increases blood circulation
4. Strengyhens the bones
5. Boosts the immune system

Simple Steps to Open Frozen Oysters:

1. After defrosting completely, hold the oyster by hand, with the flat shell up.
2. Defrosted oyster's shell will have a gap between its lid and bottom shell insert a table knife or any small knife, and cut the muscle attached to the lid.
3. Pry the lid shell open with the knife and remove it.
4. Cut the muscle attached to the bottom part of the shell to fully detach the oyster.

Keep Frozen up to 6 months.
Once thawed, do not refreeze.

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